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As you read the tutorial, you will notice these things :-
  • Transforming Object
  • Using different gradients.
  • Adding darkness by layer styles (inner shadow and drop shadow).

    These are the basics of creating 3d style objects in Photoshop. You can apply this technique in any text or object and you will have cool results for sure. Start by filling the background with dark gray color. Set the font size to 200 point and font to VAG Round.

    Rasterize the laye. Press control+t and transform the shape as shown: -

    Apply Gradient Overlay as shown: -

    Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Remove layer styles. Send it to back and arrange it after slightly increasing its size by pressing control+t.

    Apply these layer styles in it: -

    Press control+j to duplicate the second layer. Control+click on its layer name to select it. Click on move tool to select it. Press down arrow key for 16-17 times.

    Apply these layer styles in it: -

    Create another layer. Use high feather brush and fill the portion shown in the red circle with #A66E2E color.

    Click the link below to see the final output of the tutorial :-

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